The courses in the Business Faculty reflect the diverse nature of skills required in business – and are focused on developing your career. From marketing to accountancy, personnel management to sales, there is a wide range of courses available, whether you are starting out in the business world, or looking for extra qualifications to gain a promotion.  The Business Faculty has been split into seven units, with specialist advisors for each unit, who have the detailed technical understanding to answer all your questions and fully support you through whatever course you choose.

The area of business management takes in a broad range of courses, all designed to help you further a career in management – whether that’s managing personnel or managing your own business.  Here’s where you’ll find the skills, knowledge and confidence you need.
The courses in this sections are written to provide you with greater knowledge and understanding of the key skills you personally require for increased effectiveness in the workplace and will help to improve your workplace knowledge and relationships.
Whether you’re just setting out on a career in book-keeping or accounting, or you’ve reached a particular level and need to advance your skills and qualifications, you’ll find the course you need here – with exams ranging from A Levels to qualifications awarded by professional bodies.
Working in a business environment can be dynamic and challenging.  The courses in this section all aim to help you advance your career, in a way that’s appropriate to your skills, background and level. Whether you’re aiming to be a receptionist or health and safety officer, improve your e-commerce knowledge, or gain customer service skills, we have the course for you. 
If a career in sales or marketing appeals to you, choosing the appropriate course will give you a head start over the competition.  Here you can gain awards from industry-recognised bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).
If a career in Travel and To appeals to you, choosing the appropriate course will give you a head start over the competition. These courses are intended to provide an introduction to, and an understanding of the key principles of Hospitality, Travel & Tourism - enabling students to apply good practice in the workplace.   

These courses are suitable for anyone wishing to learn the knowledge, skills and tools essential to the many facets of environment. You will have the opportunity to learn about the formation, anatomy, processes and interactions of and between plants and animals, the effects of pollution and conservation, human interaction with plants, adaptation of the environment in extreme conditions, and much more.


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