Got a passion for interior design?,  Interested in teaching aerobics, or becoming a nail technician?  Perhaps a career in fashion or photography appeals to you. You’ll find all these courses in the Creative Skills & Leisure department. The courses in this department cover a wide range of different options – from caring for animals to writing for the web.  And whether you want to study to improve your career prospects, or make more of a hobby, this faculty offers you the opportunity to both express yourself and boost your skills. The department has been split into seven units, with specialist advisors for each unit, who have the detailed technical understanding to answer all your questions and fully support you through whatever course you choose.

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Health, Beauty & Fitness Courses

There’s never been more interest in looking and feeling good.  And whether you’re keen to learn how to make more of yourself, or want a career as a beauty technician or fitness instructor, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our comprehensive range of health, beauty and fitness courses.

Fashion, Art & Design Courses

Do you see yourself as a creative person? These courses are designed to help you develop your talents, helping you get more enjoyment out of your artistic interests. With everything from dressmaking to calligraphy, there’s a world of choice – and you never know, a hobby could become your livelihood.

Culinary Arts & Catering Courses

If you want a career in Hospitality and Catering, our tutor supported open distance learning courses provide the necessary knowledge, skills and qualification without disrupting your current lifestyle. These courses provide training in the core skills needed to embark on a rewarding career in the industry.

Animal Care Courses

Our range of animal care courses has something for you, whether you work with animals as a vet’s assistant, or simply want to be able to groom your own pet.  Even if you do study a course to look after your own pet, you could find it leads to a new career.

Sports Courses

There is increased demand for specialist skills such as Sports Nutrition, Coaching & Massage etc. due to recent trends and facts regarding the importance of a Sports & Healthy balanced lifestyle. With this growth comes the need for more qualified sports professionals who can work within this fascinating industry. 

Photography Courses

Do you feel you have a flair for photography?  These courses will build your skills and talents to add a professional quality to your photographs.  Whatever your area of interest, these City & Guilds courses will help you create an impressive portfolio of shots.

Writing & Journalism Courses

If you want to improve your writing skills, you’ll find we have an exciting range of courses that can take your interest into any number of different areas.  From proofreading to writing for the web, these are courses that could lead to stimulating and lucrative careers.

General Interest Courses

These courses cover a broad range of subjects.  Our adult numeracy and literacy courses could be invaluable – as could our course designed to help people prepare for the police entrance exam.  And who knows what difference a course on investing could make to your life.


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