Health & Social Care holds a fundamental position in today’s society and, as the biggest employment sector in the UK, there are growing career opportunities

The Health & Social Care department has been split into four units, with specialist advisors for each unit, who have the detailed technical understanding to answer all your questions and fully support you through whatever course you choose.
Looking for a career that’s a rewarding as it is challenging? Perhaps you’re already involved in healthcare but want proof of your already honed skills? Want to attain a new specialism, or keep abreast of rapidly changing legal requirements? With nationally-recognised qualifications and a broad range of care areas, the Health Care department is sure to have what you’re looking for.
We have courses covering a wide range of courses. From fundamental skills to advanced specialist abilities, and practical know-how to abstract theoretical studies, studying a course with this department may lead to any one of the careers in the broad spectrum of Health Care.
It has long been established that children require the best start in life. Studying a childcare-related course will teach you the social and economic reasons for this, whilst giving you proven, practical skills to ensure a child’s development paves the way for the fulfilled adult they will become.
Whether you’re choosing to hone your competencies by entering a specialist arena, or want to gain invaluable counselling skills, the Psychology department will help your success in a career that is both financially and personally rewarding.
Complementary therapies are more and more being recognised as a huge aid to the body’s healing process, and their importance in modern life to maintain wellbeing are being increasingly recognised. This department has a diverse range of courses. From holistic medicine to fitness and physical therapy. More and more in demand, our courses provide the perfect knowledge and practical skills required for a career in this industry.
These courses are designed for anyone interested in criminology and forensics. These courses provide a comprehensive guide to criminology and examine in detail a range of criminal activity together with detection and prevention methods in common use. These courses are for anyone wishing to improve their knowledge of crime, its impact on society, and the ways in which justice is administered

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