Our home study computing and IT courses listed below will teach you a variety of skills from network design, infrastructure and data transmission, through to the modern office software skills.

Virtually everything we do involves computers and ICTs, from emailing friends, to paying by credit card and using household appliances. Even socialising on the internet needs basic knowledge of computing and IT; whether it is for designing your own website or blog you will need the basic knowledge of web design.

Our distance learning Introductory Courses take the student step-by-step through the construction of a complete website from the very basics of Website design teaching the HTML/XHTML languages and Cascading Style Sheets, to the uploading of the Website to your web space.

These accredited computer training courses lead to an industry and employer recognised, CV enhancing, Professional Qualification, allowing you to develop and progress your IT career. So why not study our computing and IT courses to improve your skills and gain further knowledge into the field of computing and IT.

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